Yey for change!

I am so excited to have graduated to a brand new blog!! I've held off posting for the past week because I've secretly been working on this fancy new site :) I have about 10 posts to catch up on from all the fun sessions I've had in the past 2 weeks. I've literally been to Colorado and back. So this will be where I will continue to share my photography journey and life  as it plays out ever so differently everyday!! So

this post will be about a new project Malachi and I decided to take part in a couple weeks ago and I've been dying to share! Its way past midnight so this might not make too much sense. Please bare with me.

Mission work has played such a huge role in our life. If it wasnt for our individual short term mission trip Malachi and I would have never met! and some of the closes relationships in my lifebegan through my missionary journey with YWAM (Youth with a mission) . When I took up photography I wanted it to be more than taking good photos, just for the sake of it.  I wanted my journey to be bigger than and most definitely not be about me. I wanted God's hand on all of it!

I say all this to say...... We have committed to giving 50% of all our portrait session fees and $500 from every wedding we book between now and the end of July to support our good friends Hailey and Ted James AND Brett Sheffield to Kenya on their separate mission trips to serve radically! What does that mean to you?? Just that if you had planned on booking with us, GREAT! you will get killer photos and your money keeps going to Kenya, even if you can't. Here are some pics from a few sessions that have already helped share the love....Shoot for Kenya! :)

Hannah and josh.

Joel and Kelly.