The Jonathan and Amanda Martin Collection.

Here is the continuation of the Martins preview I began back in February. I don't even know how to write an intro that would do these 2 any justice. He is a comic loving, u2 listening, self proclaimed world's nicest guy ( which is totally true). She is one of the most classy/elegant/beautiful person I have ever been around. Pastor Jonathan and Amanda lead the church and community that we are super proud to belong to called, Renovatus (A church for people under renovation). We had been listening to sermon podcasts in Australia for 6 months before we moved back to the US in 2009 and knew right away this is where we wanted to be!! If you knew Malachi and I, you would know that we have been on the move for most our marriage and wasn't really itching to settle anywhere, but after attending services when we got back , this church sealed the deal. We're home :) We know for a FACT the community is a reflection of Pastor Jonathan and Amanda and their commitment to God. Gosh, let me throw in a few words to paint who they are according to me ...They are love birds first and foremost. They love the LORD like contagiously, and that love is so so real they glow with it. Their love for each other just from the one hour I had with them is just giddy! You know when you get married and everyone tells you the newness is gonna go away and "reality" will kick in and you wont be able to stand each other? well if thats the case these guys are still on their honeymoon! I love that after 10 years of marriage, Jonathan still pursues his bride. From the moment I saw Jonathan and Amanda together I have wanted to take their photos. I am just overjoyed at the chance to show you these pictures. If for some reason you are within 3 hours of Charlotte NC on a Sunday, please check us out at Eastland mall.

The super talented Cybil :)

Jonathan and Amanda: Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me and taking the time in your SUPER packed schedule! Happy 10th (nearly 11!!) anniversary!