Baby Donaldson collection: The anticipation.

I took a stroll through some pretty neat parts of Charlotte that I didn't even know existed with soon to be parents, Gabe and Becky Donaldson around late June. I have known this gorgeous couple since our family started going to what is now our home church, Renovatus about a year ago. They have played a huge role in making us feel so welcome and I can't thank them enough.  They are so loving and generous and i just wish we were neighbors  : ) I have wanted to take their photos for quite a while and was overjoyed to find out they are going to have a little one pretty soon. For now, Baby donaldson is a mystery but I can't wait to meet him/her. These photos were taken late afternoon between 7 and 8:30. Im loving these late sunsets! ( THANK YOU SUMMER IN THE SOUTH!)  Can't get enough of them.... This collection will be continued once baby arrives...enjoy!