All in a day's work.

I have been a fan of coupons  for nearly a year now. We have a great chain of supermarkets here in the south east, one being Harris Teeter, that even double them up to 99cents. Living in Australia there is really no such thing as manufacturer coupons, you pay what you pay and no one really thinks twice about it. Wee this week, Harris Teeter is running a promotion that is "super doubles" where they will double coupons up to $1.98. With moving house and packing and unpacking and pretty much flipping our new house and all that good stuff, I had forgotten to keep up. Well this week I decided to get back into the swing of things and this is my 3rd trip that I am writing about. I walked out of the store with: 6 boxes of Hamburger helper (we like those!)

9 boxes of frozen veggies

2 dryer bars

2 packs of cat treats

5 boxes of pop smart microwave popcorn

2 boxes of ramen noodles

2 boxes of scalloped potatoes

3 bag of frozen fruit for smoothies

3 packs of koolaid tablets (!!!)

Spent: 6.74

saved 77.51!!!

got back $6 to spend next visit.

I'd say this was definitely worth while!!