A box full of Joy :)

Every year I always intend to pack a shoe box for a child somewhere in the world as a part of Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child. I have always missed the collection deadline and get a little frustrated at my lack of organization. I say all this to say.... I finally got my act together (!!!!)  and with the help of my super helpful elves,  We packed a box for a little girl (Hannah's age) and a little boy (Judah's age). They were with me from the shopping to the packing, Hannah even suggesting toys this little girl might like. My proudest moment was when Hannah gave up her jump rope knowing full well that she will not get it back or anything in return, but that the little girl will be very excited to play with it. So I hope after seeing these photos of my kids, that you will too be inspired to bring a smile to a child somewhere in the world!

Collection deadline is 22nd of November...HAVE FUN!!

The toiletries are suggested..before you wonder why on earth we are sending toothpaste ; )

one for you...one for me : )

Hannah's gift...her jump rope : )sending a smile with her box !!Judah right after his nap...a little disorientated...but a willing participant.

Quality control. Inspecting everything that goes into the box.