Bowl cuts, baggy pants and Basil.

I had an early morning photos session one day and when I got home the house was unusually chaotic. Dont get me wrong, its always nuts here, which is normal. But on this day it was a step above that. I was told that Hannah had gotten out of her bed and had a great adventure in the toiletries cabinet (Which I thought was childproof!- never trust those child proof things, NOTHING is child proof!) and got a hold of 2 disposal tooth brushes and ate the head off, trying to get to the mint bits. So for like an hour I saw her running around with her hair pulled back thinking that Malachi had put it in a pony tail. But no, among her many adventures that morning, Hannah had gotten a hold of scissors and decided to give herself a hair cut. That was 2 weeks ago. So we are still on the fence about what to do, and might resort to a bowl cut. Here are some pics today because its the first chance I have had to take a photo.


At first I was like...Hmm not sooo bad.

But then she turned to this side...


Still managing to look sweet, even with all that silliness!

Judah Has taken to dressing himself lately, and this is his get up today. This was ALL him no coaching by momma.

The Artist formally known as...Judah!

His whole life in this little bucket!



My husband's newly found green thumb and his AWESOME parents helped make a veggie garden for us. THANK YOU!!!