Eloise Eliza Hunt: Newborn collection

It is difficult transitioning into the world. I guess thats why babies cry a lot. Newborns in general. A phrase that was thrown around more than a few times when I was pregnant with both my lovelies was:  Babies dont come with a manual! SO I spent my morning with Eloise, who said hello to the world on May 10th (2 days after mothers day). I have watched her parents, Jeremy and April and big sister Flannery (soon to be 3) wait patiently for the past 9 months and was thrilled to meet her 2 days ago and today, 8 days after her grand entrance.

What I have noticecd was that the only time I have heard a squeak out of her has been when her mom was far away. Every time she is in her momma's arms, the world is right again, and crying doesn't seem necessary.

I spent a good hour with her and we had a great time just getting to know each other and again, Eloise was as quiet as a mouse :