First look collection: Emily and Tim

Emily and Tim decided to do a "first look" for their wedding day. For those no familiar, this is when the bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony. I love first looks because it gives couples more time together which they might not have being surrounded by loved ones all day, makes for AWESOME photos and gives them uninterrupted time with their guests after the ceremony because most of the photos would have already been done. I have also been told that the thought of 100 people staring at the bride walking down the isle is a little intimidating, and makes it difficult for her when focusing on her groom. For what ever reason that leads the couple to deciding on a first look, its their day and decision and I just love taking photos of people in love! If you are considering a first look this is what it might look like,  this collection was photographed in about 15 minutes, by myself and Sean Lyon from both Tim and Emily's perspective. NO posing instructions what so ever.


Enjoy! :)



Emily looking oh-so-stunning waiting patiently for her groom.

The excitement is unbearable!