My favorite Fishers.

Fishers have been apart of my life since January 2003. I met the first Fisher, Mike, in Townsville Australia when we both joined YWAM (youth with a mission). Then I met Verna, in 2004 when she went to Australia to meet her brother and travel the country. Thanksgiving and Christmas 2004 I was with the Fishers! March 2006 saw many drive down to NC from PA ( about 10 hours each way) to  celebrate Malachi and I get married.

These photos were taken in 2010 (life has changed a bunch since!) Easter, another holiday I got to share with them (and this year!) :)  and I have wanted to share these like forever ago, but secretly I wanted to keep them to myself, because if the world saw how awesome the Fishers  are they would get a billion friend messages on facebook.

I will see them this weekend when I travel to PA to shoot a wedding. Its like coming home every time.

Daud, Merve, Jr, Rose, Verna, Lena, Norma, Ben, David and Mike: I love you guys. Thank you for being awesome. Next time I will share more of you with the world. :)...sooner!


Count em. 9 awesome brothers and sisters!

Me and Daud.


some Amish country pics ;)