Welcome home collection: Maj. Clay Meals

****"It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you."- unknown I am bringing this post to the front for veterans day. This photo shoot  remains as one of my most memorable session ever, and I was so grateful to be apart of it.

 Honoring and remembering the great Veterans who fought to give us a safe and peaceful place to live in! ******


I was contacted a few weeks ago to photograph a family reunion with a fun surprise. Maj. Clay Meals, has been deployed for some time and his family presumed he would  still be out of country during the reunion. He was closer to home than they could ever imagine!  Clay's beautiful wife, Trish, is such a champion for keeping this a secret from family and friends for SOOOOO long.  I was not with them an hour and I was a mess, all nervous that I was going to blow his cover. When everyone was ready for the photo, one person even mentioned that Trish leave room so we could photoshop Clay in later.

After a few clicks I abruptly put my camera down and said I had forgotten something in my car and ran out to get Clay. When I showed him where I wanted him to stand before he walked towards his family I was sure I was going to drop my camera I was shaking so much. I think I said something random like " I want a really big smile!!...I think I have something that would make everyone smile" and then I motioned for clay to come out...the rest is history : )



Welcome home Maj. Clay Meals, thank you for serving your country. You are loved.



Everyone is probably thinking "why is she so far away and pointing the camera at the wall....."

They had no idea ;)

One of the proudest photos I have ever taken.


I am pretty sure I was crying by now and thinking to my self "Keep it together!!"

Trish: Best secret keeper EVER!