My Sydney adventure.

If you have stopped by my blog in the last 10 days you might have noticed that I dropped off the face of the world. I kinda did. But I wanted to make good and explain where I am...and reassure you I WILL be back in the US of A soon :) I am visiting my family in Sydney, Australia. I have been here since the 5th and will be here till the 20th. I convinced my awesome bro-in-law, Robbie to play tour guide and he was very gracious about it. I asked for the best view of the bridge and he showed me 5 (!!!) I got to cross off 2 things on my photo list. 1) use a TRIPOD! and 2) long exposures...what better place to start than this beautiful skyline and 2 awesome Aussie icons.  

Oh incase you were wondering, yes, I lived in Sydney from when I was 8 to about 20. And yes, it really is as beautiful as they say.


A Ferry was passing as I took these 2 and I really like how they turned out!