Ocean City Collection: The Schreiners.

My friend Vanessa and I took an unusual detour to Ocean City, NJ (on our way home from Philly)  to visit...well, I would say good friends, but they have become more like family so, I will say my sister Tassia and her family. We arrived just after 11 pm and thought on a whim that a beach family session would be a great idea! ...the only glitch is that I was only there less than 24 hours and Tassia worked from 4pm so plan B was to do a sunrise (!!!!!!) session. Ofcourse we stayed up till 2 am the morning of, being girls and catching up, but we still managed to get up. An hour after we should have.  

This was quite the experience. I wouldn't change a thing. I am not used to a mellow 3 year old, but Noah wasn't in the mood to run around, so it meant keeping tabs on him would be a breeze! I was fighting a pretty fast sunrise, and when the brightness became over powering we retreated to the shade and got of good shots there. I am not really one of those people that need to see kids smiling in every photo, but the glimpses of joy Noah and Ruby gave me were worth getting only 4 hours of sleep : )



Such a sleepy little man.

Hi Ms. I just had a baby leass than a year ago and look AMAZING!!!


My fave cat Sibby...he's so cute!


John and Noah taking a quick snooze in between clicks : )


I have known Tassia since January 2003, before either of us were dating (!!) WILD.We have fun together. everywhere.