From Charlotte with love.

Malachi and I ventured into the beautiful city of Charlotte tonight, for his birthday dinner. Right as we were walking out the door, I remembered  that I have wanted to take night shots of Charlotte ever since I shot Sydney skyline. I was too chicken to go out by myself at night, so with Malachi keeping me company I took some shots that look VERY familiar to all in the Queen city....but it still feels good when it comes out of your own camera :) Ofcourse I dont have the ability to show you 2 favorites...when i picked out 11. ENJOY!  

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Taken on central ave. bridge over Independence. Such a beautiful and clean skyline..I feel like I can appreciate each building individually.



A bus drove past while I was shooting this one...I love it when things dont go according to plan...just better!!

the star looking things are street lamps....pretty fancy..ey?

Best friends forever!!