Glimpse: Austin & Yennica's Wedding.

  I always set out to share like 1 or 2 photos from a wedding as a "glimpse", but then the little girl in me gets giddy and every other photo I see Im like " oh this one!...and this one!...and this one!!" So here are some photos from Austin and Yennica's wedding from September 10th, 2011 (9.10.11) Click HERE for the slideshow.

It was such a beautiful day. I am glad everyone was look at them during the ceremony...because I was weeping like a child! :)  more to come!!


Austin & Yennica: Congratulations!..and thank you for the honor : )

From their first look : ) ( they decided to see each other before the ceremony)


Yennica: This dress was MADE for YOU :) look Stunning!

So much love!

My fave crowd was quite a kiss :)