Malachi: 26 years later.

The first time I met Malachi, I ruled out that we would ever be together because.... he was 2 years younger than me! *gasp*(I mean how scandalous is that?!!?) 2 things I never wanted to be in a relationship was 1) taller than the boy (lucky me, I am only 4'11) and 2) older than him. So i was 2 months into my 20th year, when I met him and he was just a little over 2 months shy of his 18 th birthday. Heaven forbid I would EVER date a teenager, when I was well in my years.  It was a missions trip to Thailand, and Malachi was 1 of 17 kids that had signed up with an organization to do missions related work, and I signed up to be the team translator. 2 months came and went and we went our separate ways. I did remember he had the most awesome accent ..EVER, he was hilarious and very...VERY.. handsome..oh and his name was Malachi, what an awesome name! ...I never thought much else...he was 17!!!That was in 2003. For 2 years after that I would randomly catch him on Aol instant messenger (!!)  like once every 6 months and say hey. I remember one day my friend was sitting next to me and she inquired who i was chatting with and I said..."oh some kid in the states...if he was 2 years older I WOULD MARRY HIM!!!...but that would never happen" ... TRUE STORY!..

In January of 2005 I was given the chance to do tsunami relief in southern Thailand and Malachi and I met up again in September 2005. first question was "are you 18 yet?!"... he rolled his eyes. We pretty much picked up where we left off and we married in March 2006 :)

Today, when our age difference comes up I still get ridiculous (because half the year he is technically 3 years younger than me!!! (double scandal) I am glad I made an exception with Malachi. I dont know who quoted this but I have it on my wall " He gives me my wings, and I give him his roots" ..that pretty much sums us up. ...I would have never picked up the camera if it wasn't for my husband. He put it back in my hand every time I put it down to walk away. Sooo today I bugged him to let me take photos of him to document his handsomeness!!


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Happy birthday Malachi. 26 looks Ah-MAZING!...oh and I love you like no other!!





This is Malachi 90 percent of the time ...goofy:)