Why Canon is better than Nikon.

  I really dont know. I have to say I never made an educated decision to choose canon over nikon, my mom bought us a rebel xt (350D) and thats when my loyalty started. I have nothing but nice things to say about nikon users : ) in fact one of my fave photographer - Sean Lyon is a nikon user and he's pretty good at it. What ever you decide to choose for your photography adventures its really how you use it that will define you as a photographer. Like everything else the world tries to sell you, some companies have very persuasive methods and imagery to convince you, you "NEED" something in order to achieve your goals...or like Pedro (from Napoleon Dynamite) would say.... " make your wildest dreams come true".

When I started my adventure with photography I didnt know where to begin. I knew I wanted a solid foundation  and to be in a nurturing environment (because I am the most sensitive person I KNOW- such a baby) so I enrolled in the school of Photography in Kona, Hawaii in January of 2008. It was a 3 months school and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful photographers that simply wanted to use their gifts to glorify God. Mention to me Aperture/Shutter/ISO in January 08..and I would've thought you were speaking German...I kid you not..I knew NOTHING, about photography, I am living proof that you are not born a photographer, you become one....It will take awhile, but the joy that comes with doing what you love is pretty awesome!

I am proud to say that every piece of equipment we have is OURS, as in, we worked hard for it and paid for it. I reinvest our money from sessions in equipment so that I can continue to give my clients great photos..... SO without further jibberish, here is a list of my must haves for  wedding Photography :) (according to me!)




 My 5D mark 2...My pride an joy. I have been shooting with this camera since Janurary 2009.  It is stunning in low light...and its a full frame :), I shoot in raw + small Jpeg and  a file is about 30 MBs so it eats up my cards! I have a battery grip attached to this baby because I think it feels more balanced because the lenses I put on it are so heavy it gives me the extra grip. (This is the reason why my right arm is bigger than my left arm)



                                         “ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst". – Henri Cartier-Bresson- 

That was back in film days so I guess we gotta multiply that by 10 and say 100 000 photos : )

My CF Cards. This is how many I take to a wedding. a 16GB card gives me about 500 photos...so I go through a few : ) the scratched up one looks like that because..I left it in my purse and it got attacked by  my credit cards I guess..its only a couple months old.



My lens line up (including the one that is attached to the camera taking this photo)

50 mm 1.2L , 85 mm 1.2L, 100mm 2.8 Macro, 70-200mm is 2.8L, 24-70 2.8L - I use all 5 during a wedding. (this pic is minus the 100mm macro) I keep a filter in front of all my lens to protect from scratching and a lens hood for added protection and it makes the lenses look more gynormous. te hee.


This pic is minus the 50mm 1.2L. If you look closely you can see the hoods pretty banged up. I would rather that than my lens body. lens hoods ..worth the investment! (it is included with all the lenses below except for the 100mm macro) I also never use a front lens cap. this way I can pop a lens on the body and take shots quickly without looking goofy ...when the lens cap is still on. Each lens serves a purpose..trust me I wouldn't be carrying around 20 pounds worth of gear for up to 8hrs at a time, just for the heck of it.


Another bonus for using lenshood is when I change lenses I place my lens face down and change them out quickly...this way I wont be putting glass straight on the ground.before I have a chance to stick a rear cap on it.

This is my 24-70 I use it for what I call environmental shots. the ones  that you can tell a story in a photo...24 is on the wider end and I usually keep it there. Examples are during the ceremony when I get a shot of the guests and the bride and groom in the same frame. I dont shoot people with this much unless its on the 70 end...because 24 distorts people and on the outer frame everyone looks bigger than the people in the middle...thats never a good thing ;S I do recommend this as a first lens because its so versatile.

The newest addition to the lens family that I have. This is STUNNING for portraits. ..STUNNING in low light ...and you guest it... stunning in general.

This 70-200 2.8L still remains my fave. I can be so far from the bride and still take photos that look like Im hovering over her during the ceremony. It allows me to get the shot without being noticed.... as sneaky as you can be with a 3.2 pound lens.

This 50 mm 1.2 is a great lens for group shots. I like it. it makes pretty photos.

I use this macro 100mm 2.8 for my detail shots at a wedding like the ring shots and the flowers and the bride's eye lashes. Also when shooting newborns for their little toes and hands.

For my reception lighting needs I have 2 flashes both triggered remotely with my pocket wizards.

Of course in order to power all the lights I need an unreasonable amount of batteries.

I NEVER wipe my lenses, instead I use this nifty lil blower. I turn my lens upside down and blow into it and let gravity take over.

There you have it. Its taken me 3 years to have this line up. My advice is to start with one lens and use the heck out of it, know its strengths and limitations and make it work for you. I see in focal lengths now and know what I need to communicate my vision before I put anything on the camera. its a neat party trick. I hope this made sense.