Food. Glorious food.

While I was on my macro photography kick yesterday afternoon, I got a familiar text from my awesome sis in law, Bekah, asking what we were doing. Its a loaded question but to uncomplicate matters I always reply "nothing, come on over!". Because I want her to come over! If I replied " trying to not go insane because my kids are on volume 100 and my house is NASTY and we have officially run out of plates and cups because I haven't run to dishwasher in a week" It doesnt sound very enticing.

Bekah also asked what we were doing for dinner. Again I said we didn't have a plan. That was 100 percent true. I didn't have a plan. thinking about meal times usually involve me thinking what do I want to eat that I should have started making 4 hours ago, or what drive through haven't I hit up in in the last 3 days. Being Sunday i always want to go to Chick fila ... and thats the only day they are closed. does anyone else suffer from the same first world problem?

To my joy Bekah took matters into her own hands and replied, and i quote " ok i invited Caleb and Lydia over and we decided to make a gourmet salad with grilled salmon or ahi tuna on top!" ..." hope your ok with that!"

Ofcourse I was ecstatic with that!  My brain could go back into no need to think mode. And Loffers get to hang out. its a win win. ( we did miss the pageland Loffers and the Seattle duo :)

I did contribute with suggesting Steak to the gourmet feast. Because I can't have a meal with no steak. I dont think my body knows how to function without meat.


It was also a Joy for my macro photography adventures. All the colors and textures. I was in heaven! All shot with my macro 100 mm  at 2.8. Hence the shallow depth of field. and the super close up-ness.


I hope you are not hungry.  Because you might be tempted to lick you computer screen.

Thank you guys for letting me take photos, despite the fact that you were ready to dig 2 hours before.




Dont be grossed out! this was before we cooked it!


To the untrained eye this looks gross. But it is rather the opposite. homemade salad dressing.