I made doughnuts.

This morning I made doughnuts. it was my first attempt. I feel accomplished! more than anything it was worth it to see my little ones smile. When you think of Donuts, you dont think of making because just reading the recipe would stress you out!


I started the process of making the dough last night around dinner time.

refrigerated the dough overnight

Rolled them out this morning and cut them into the donut shape, munchkins and all.

let them rise for another hour!

FINALLY fried them in shortening

THEN rolled them in delicious sugar glaze.


I would like to thank my Kitchenaid for making this all possible. I could really get used to food photography. I dont ever feel compelled to make them smile. its very stress free!


The recipe I used was:This one by The Pioneer woman


Judah thinking sweet donut thoughts ( little did he know it was still another hour and a half before he could take his first bite!)

I didn't have a donut cutter so I used a round cookie cutter and then a wine bottle lid for the center (those things are sharp!)

After they sat for an hour to rise some more.

Sweet sugar glaze :)


no photos of me deep frying them. that would have been a disaster.  here is a photo of the finished product.

Judah rewarding his patience :)


all the while Uriah ( 2 months old!!!)  was asleep!


still asleep. his sweet sweet smile :)