Waiting for the rain.

So it rained pretty much everyday this past week. The real fat rain ( that Tom Hanks referenced in Forrest Gump). Its loud and super musical on your roof. Fun to watch from the comforts of being inside and dry BUT I am sure more fun to splash in if you are 3 ( Judah) and 5 (Hannah). after watching them stare out longingly at all the muddy puddles in our under grassed backyard, I got the brilliant idea to hit up walmart for some new rain boot/ galoshes/ gumboots and be prepared for the next rain storm. Armed with boots that just scream JOY!  we have been waiting since Friday afternoon for some sweet downpour. I hope it doesn't turn out to be like Christmas of 2010 when we bought sleds after a fun snow storm only to still be waiting for snow. ...  

Well I didnt want to wait for rain to take photos( or in their minds, torture) of my kids in their new boots so here are a few shots of them CLEAN and shiny. I hope they gets some mud on them soon!









Pouty Mcpout pout





Totally not kidding when I said...under grassed !!