Any given Sunday.

I got to shoot at our Church service yesterday. I absolutely love it. I attribute so much of my growth as a photographer with being able to serve through my photography. I kid you not when I say, for some reason, I absorb SO MUCH more during a message when I am photographing, than otherwise. Its always just been that way. Thats the reason I weep like a child at wedding ceremonies, while shooting because I HEAR everything. I think being able to photograph a service that might look the same from one week to the next BUT trying to step outside of your comfort zone  and make it look different every time stretches you creatively. Ofcourse you have to have ninja skills and not disrupt the service. Our Pastor is super awesome at ignoring me during a message. Thats also a plus.


Even if you dont go to church there are a million other ways to serve with your photography. On a side note, if you live within a 3 hour radius of Renovatus Church please come check us out. its a worthy road trip.



I was squatting in a corner shooting straight up for this shot. I pretty much love it.

Our amazing worship team with Sarah Deshields