Carmen & Jonathan's First look collection.

Jonathan & Carmen took some time alone together before their wedding ceremony and I was lucky to be there and capture their moment.

Following, you will see their first 10 minutes together, uninterrupted, unscripted joy, excitement and love.  We took another 15 minutes for a quick stroll around Winthrop campus for some more photos of their alone time before their celebration with loved ones on their wedding day.

**best viewed in safari**

Jonathan can hear Carmen's footsteps behind him and the excitement of seeing his bride for the first time is written all over his face!

I love first looks. SO MUCH beauty and emotion in Carmen's expression!

Being cute and talking about last minute details of their ceremony :)

I love this photo because he makes her laugh!! and she has a beautiful laugh :)


Checking out her GORGEOUS shoes!

After their first look we took some time outside to take more photos :)