Name that movie :)

So this morning the kids and I attempted to have some breakfast. I am never really confined by what you should eat at every meal. I mean who came up with the rules? like who says you HAVE to eat breakfast foods for breakfast, or sandwiches for lunch, or pot roast for dinner. I say all that to half justify that we are either out of milk OR cereal OR both, most mornings.  So I opened up my pantry and found bananas and Jiffy pop, pop corn. So thats just what breakfast was this morning!  

As I was making the jiffy pop (which I have on other occasions, successfully) I thought of the opening scene in a movie I saw back in 5th (!!!) grade on the way home from my first overnight school excursion. In an attempt to quieten the kids down the TEACHER put on this movie.


It starts with Drew Barrymore IN A HORRIBLE WIG, making this and the phone rings and she thinks its her boyfriend. but its not and it quickly goes downhill for her character from there!! I dont think I slept with the light off FOR A YEAR after that movie!! or ate pop corn...


Yes, i did finish that movie, to prove to every one on the bus with me I am no afraid, but I wish i had a walkman, so i could tun it out, but I was never that cool. YES I sensor all movies my kids watch...and I will prolly never let them watch this movie till they are 30!!. but for those old enough to remember that movie :) was a bad movie, in my opinion and should never have spawned sequals!!