Have you met LydiaLoffer.com?

Consistency. That was my goal for this year. I wanted to be constant and reliable about my blogging journey so that friends and loved ones can come view my my work or a snapshot on my week and life regularly. Of course in between chasing my 2 kids, beginning homeschooling with Hannah,  being pregnant with my 3rd and later Having my 3rd, AND taking care of my 3rd. The dream of keeping anything remotely constant like blogging seemed like a distant dream. Don't get me wrong, I have NOT given up such an ambition. It is on hold. Indefinitely. SO please forgive me. I will be better about blogging. That brings me to Lydia, and her blogging journey. She won't let you down. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday , be sure to visit  LYDIALOFFER.COM  for some fashion inspiration/ trends and a little fun write up on why Lydia loves it and why you should probably not live without it. Lydia is so generous, she will even share with you where to get her combo from :). I am so excited to be getting a sneak peek every week when we get together and photograph her upcoming outfits. Oh, before I forget to mention,   Lydia's site, is only the BEST blog I have ever seen. So clean and simple and AMAZING! Great job, Caleb!

Here are some outfits lydia is already blogged about. Be sure to bookmark  Lydia's fashion blog  because Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, its a great way to start your day :) She is my blogging hero. I want to be an awesome blogger like her when i grow up :)


A screenshot of her archives from her blog: