Lens {mug} Giveaway!!

**** THIS giveaway is now CLOSED !*******

Nikon winner: Wes Z.

Canon winner: Laura Jane.

Canon won overall. Sorry Nikon, nothing personal :)

If i had $4000 or an unlimited affiliation with amazing camera companies, I would giveaway awesome things by the hour :) Of course that is not the case. But I am giving away the next best thing and that is 70-200 2.8 canon (and Nikon) mugs.

I am doing this for various reasons.

1) Its always better to give than to receive, unless its brownies and cookies. Then I am sure its better to get those.

2) ITS JUDAH'S 4TH BIRTHDAY!!... I blinked and he turned 4!

3) I LOVE my lens mug. I look cooler holding it then my real camera gear.

4) I want to really encourage you, photographer, or not, that it really all begins with alot of dreaming, passion and ofcourse FUN. When we do certain things that involves pursuing our dreams (in my case photography) and if we are not having fun along the way, what really is the point? quoting my photography teacher, " does the world really need another photographer with nice gear?."

What would really distinguish you apart from the next person that has identical gear and actions/presets/blog? Enjoying what you do is obvious to the world and SUPER contagious!

Since I am in a quoting mood I will share a quote my great friend said recently that stayed with me:

" We are born originals, why die a copy?".

What ever your journey looks like. Lets have some fun along the way. And you could drink your coffe out of these awesome mugs :)


1) Comment on this post below, either TEAM NIKON or TEAM CANON ( because I am giving out one of each)- and a little bit of rivalry never hurt :)

2)Be sure to leave your email address  (which will NEVER be published, And I will NEVER attempt to contact you with offers or weird stuff, thats not how I roll.) So I can deliver the good news to you.

3) you can comment to enter once a day. ( so remember to come back daily!!)

4) contest closes SUNDAY October 21st, 2012 at MIDNIGHT eastern standard time. Because, all good things must come to an end!**** THIS giveaway is now CLOSED !*******

5) giveaway is open to anyone reading this, anywhere a package can be sent on planet earth. ( friends, family, second cousin, other photographers... have at it :)

6) winner will be chosen by random.org. For REALS.

** feel free to share this contest on your facebook or twitter :)** Because sharing IS caring!

If you can't stand the awesomeness of these mugs, get your own HERE.

ALSO,  if you are stuck with ways to have fun with photography there are COUNTLESS ways from this awesome site : PHOTOJOJO

Judah helped pose the actual prizes (which have never been used, EVER! I will be sure to wipe his fingerprints off them). He, however, does not, come with the mug :)

Heres to pursuing our dreams! even though sometimes it takes awhile, and doesn't seem like its getting anywhere...BUT it will!!

AND to having a BOATLOAD of FUN along the way...GOOD LUCK!

The nikon mug, Zooms. thats pretty awesome.