Behold the Lamb of God.

Its been interesting navigating our boundaries in the NICU. For the first week most nurses assumed Obed was our first baby and insisted they do things like change his diaper and that they hand him to me, instead of me just grabbing him out of the isolette. On Tuesday Malachi and I were pleasantly surprised when our nurse said we could take him out and put him back as we please...THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY!!! I was told it was good to bring music to play to him during our visits so I have been playing him my favorite hymns and christmas albums. If you have listened to the Andrew Peterson or Phil Wickham's christmas albums you would want it on despite the calendar . One of my fave hymns is "Behold the Lamb of God" and I have had it on repeat (quietly) in his private room. Yesterday on my morning visit I saw a little picture of a lamb stuck to the inside of his crib and it made my heart sing. I asked the nurse what that was about and she said..."we just like to put a picture there so he would have something to look at when he is awake."


Here are some photos from our visit these last few days, starting with the newest ones. His birth weight was 4lb 3oz he went down to 3lb. 11 oz and now he is back up to 4lb. 2 oz!!!



Love me some Kangaroo kare!Nudie baby shots. Stretchie little man!Little hands, little feet! Looking at his Daddy!Milk delivery...twice a day! Last night's sunset on the way to see our man!