Daddy loves you.

Its been 10 days since our lives pretty much changed forever (in the BEST way possible!!.) My last post was about me processing life in the last couple of weeks, so I wanted to take this post and talk about the one person that I could't have done this without. My husband Malachi. He has been by my side everyday since Obed was born and has given up his time holding him ( because we are only allowed to hold Obed twice a day, to reduce stress for Obed)  so I could have extra time with the little man. Last night (Saturday) Malachi finally got his chance to hold Obed for the first time EVER!

I wanted to share their first moments together.

Malachi taking a little snooze while I cuddle Obed in the NICU.

Hanging out, waiting to hold Obed.

first cuddles with daddy :)

New portrait for today!!