He's got the whole world.

Gosh! what a way to make a comeback. March was my last attempt at blogging, and here I am again. To say life has been a little hectic would be an understatement. But it is still fun!

Long story short. We found out I was pregnant with our 4th baby about 6 months after Uriah was born. Yes. It was planned. Our baby wasn't supposed to make an appearance till August 13th 2013.....but he was on his own schedule and Exactly 1 year and 6 hours after Uriah's ( my 3rd baby) birthday, Obed decided he wanted out.

He was 31 weeks old, gestation. 2 days earlier I had no idea I was in labor, because YOU JUST DONT THINK THAT WAY.He was born 3 hours after I checked into the hospital weighing at only 4LB 3oz (just a little under 2kg). I didnt get to meet him for another 7 hours, because of my WRETCHED c-section ( thats another story) and when I did I was filled with Lots of emotions I didn't know one could feel in an instant, staring at his tiny body.

First was awe, at how tiny he was ( my others were 9lb babies and 8 lb). GRATEFUL that he is ALIVE and getting the best care possible.  Then guilt, that I did something wrong to cause this. Then anxiety about the uncertainty, because he is going to be kept in the NICU till his original due date, 8 weeks away. Then anger because I couldn't hold him for 2 days. So I just stared at him, and touched him on the back, while watching the wires cover his tiny body, and cried and cried and prayed.

It has been 8 days and he has been a trooper! I was told I could hold him twice a day ( skin to skin and encouraged to pump milk so he could have the best fighting chance at growing faster and faster)...so I've been pumping like a mad woman!. I was discharged 5 days ago and the hospital has become our second home. It feels wrong to leave without my baby, but I know thats the best place for him, as his breathing and eating needs lots of help (he is being fed through a feeding tube)

Anyways...I know that one day, he will be home and this season shall pass. SO I wanted to make a point and come back to blogging to one day look back an just remember that God does have the (read: my) whole world in his hands, and  ALL the little babies ESPECIALLY, little Obed.


Thank you to my friends and family ( YOU know who you are :) for the countless hours watching my 3 kids and allowing me to spend time with Obed. And for all the prayers and encouragement!


I have been taking my camera into the hospital everyday, cause well I want to document things and how fast he is growing!! These aren't in order, but taken over 8 days. He was down to 3lb and 11oz...but is back up to 4lb 1oz!




This one was taken this afternoon.....I took this. It was a Hail Mary (I held the camera behind my head and prayed it was in focus!) He is down to 1 feeding tube!Taken Yesterday after his Cannula and Iv was taken out..His sweet little hands with all the needle pricks from his Iv.Taken today. His liddle sweet head :)Obed's 1st 24 hours in the NICU with the oxygen mask and IV and feeding tube. ( first time seeing him) Taken yesterday. He was officially wire free...so I went a little CRAZY!Day 4 after they took the breathing mask off and stuck a cannula in.Its fuzzy cause I shot through the isolette...still attached to all kinds of devices. They moved his IV from his hand to his head. day 4.TODAY looking at his mama :)So sleepy :)...Today.Taken today... I had to be in one :)Sweet smiles!I knew I loved you before I met you....