Happy 4th of July!!!

  Growing up in Australia in the 90's ( 2 decades ago!!!), we were pretty heavily influenced by ALL things American, AND I LOVED IT :) but I always wondered if it was really anything like what we saw in the movies.

I loved American movies (even though we got to see them in the cinemas well after they were on VHS(!!!) over here), the food, the clothes, the music and the accent :)

When I finished high school in 2001, I jumped on a plane to see the world and the USA was at the top of my to do list. I got a summer camp counseling job in Lebanon, NJ and met some of the most amazing human beings and loved every moment of it! I remember thinking and saying to myself throughout the summer, everything just feels like the movies. It was a great summer. I remember the first time I saw New York City and my mind exploded. EVERYTHING looked and felt like the movies. The first time I saw Niagara falls, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philly, Denver, L.A., I fell more and more in love with this great nation. Not so much for the places themselves, but the people.

Today, I am celebrating the 4th of July as an American Citizen for the first time and its a proud moment indeed. I remember on our car ride home from the citizenship ceremony, back in March, reading the entire Declaration of Independence out loud. At first I was being obnoxious because Malachi was driving and I wanted to goof off and be cheesy. But the more I read  the more serious I became, trying to grasp what the founding fathers risked, fighting for  the freedom and the future generations of people they would never see, or how truly great this nation became, because of their convictions and sacrifice. For that I am so grateful.

Anyways, I say all that to say, Don't be fooled into thinking America is anything  like what you see in the movies, America is nothing like the movies. Its a million times better than the movies. The people you meet are so much more awesome in real life. The food looks and tastes better (I am sure) in person than the movies. Everything and everyone is larger than life. The seasons are so much more stunning than the movies. The girls are prettier and the guys are more handsome than the movies. Everyone drives crazier than the movies :). Everyone talks funnier in real life ;) I love the USA. I love the life we have here, I love dreaming about our future here and our children'f future, wherever they choose to live it. Thank you to all the men and women that sacrificed so much and made it possible to live in a nation that, if you can dream big enough, you can probably make it happen in the USA.




This was supposed to be a family photo...but Uriah went mental so its just my other 3 kids (just pretend Uriah is in this photo)

Our littlest American :)He couldn't come to the party, so we brought the party to him.