Pinterest + your wedding.

** Please note** This is my experience with pinterest. I am not judging anyone for having and using it. I love that site! I just thought I would share thoughts ;)***

 I signed up for pinterest back when you needed an "invite". I went crazy for a week/ month (cause you lose track of time on that site) pinning like a mad woman.  Crafts, homeschooling, posing inspiration, how to be (fill in blank) in 10 steps or less. I was NUTS. then I realized it was good to dream, but eventually I become so crazy I  started comparing my life to all these amazing people with super DIY powers that seem to have the perfect life; marriage, wedding, children etc etc... and it gets depressing, and I started eating cake. Lots of it..(not the AMAZING pinterest cakes..the ones you buy at your grocery store, on sale..with creepy cheap icing). It seems like  my "boards" taunted and laugh at me because the perfect party that I pinned for my son's Thomas birthday flopped. The cake never got baked, the decorations never got made and heck, the balloons never got blown. But he still looked at me like I hung the moon.

Anyways, I say all that to say, I can't imagine being a bride nowadays with the amazing ability to dream about your wedding and DIY to your hearts content! I found this great article about the modern bride and the world of pinterest, so I wanted to pass it on and hope this makes sense to someone. I think pinterest is great! and I still keep an account on it..... but real life is so much more awesome :)



And for a laugh.... ;)

Happy wednesday!