Magical Multiple exposures

So I have FOREVER been jealous of film photography because...its so much cooler to shoot film and I have always wanted to play around with film...but I am the worst procrastinator in the history of the world and all I own is digital equipment. So you can only imagine what happened with I stumbled onto multiple exposure setting on my camera. MIND.BLOWN.BOOM.
Multiple exposures was something I coveted in film photography. being able to shoot your roll and reloading and shooting that roll again, so you have 2 images on one photo. Again...mind blown. It was something unattainable to me, and I knew people that could do it deserved all the praise and attention and a million likes on facebook because they did everything right in their life, their stars aligned and it was their time to SHINE.  So when I found out I could do it in (DIGITAL) camera (NO PHOTOSHOPPING!!) I almost wept like a child. However, I figured this out at midnight, so i was not able to try it out till morning.  I dragged Hannah and Judah outside for 5 hot seconds and photographed them and the limited greenery we have in our backyard. My husband made me wait to try out my new magic trick on him, because he was making pancakes and he didn't want to burn them. Hey, you can't have it all. When he did finally let me shoot him it was noon and we still got good stuff. Uriah wasn't as cooperative. I just photographed him sitting on his highchair.
Here are the results...PLEASE note, NONE of these images were put together in photoshop. NONE. ZILCH.NADA... This is how they came out of my camera. I do understand, this is powerful and I promise to use it for good and not evil. Have I mentioned how much I love photography??!  Some of you might see this and ask why?? Why would you want to do this? Because you can, and it looks COOL and WHY NOT :)
For the tutorial on how to harness this power for yourself....please go to::


Yes, I do realize practice makes perfect, and yes Film is a hundred percent cooler than anything evil digital will ever do,  I get that...I will do this one day in film, but until then I will certainly fake it till I make it. But if it aint done in photoshop, theres NOTHING fake about it...So go forth and bring about world peace with this careful, all that power might go to your head.