One of the first and best nuggets I learned in photo school was that the best camera is the one you have with you...but a great lens goes a loooong way. I added the last part :) Here is a real illustration on why its ALL about the lens.  Both these images were taken with the Rebel xt (!!!)...the one on the left is the kit lens that came with the camera, the 18-55mm at 55mm f5.6 (the widest) and the right 85mm 1.2 at f1.6. same camera, different lenses. I understand its 2 different focal lengths. Notice the right one how the background COMPLETELY disappears into a pretty ..blurry, silky goodness. This was taken seconds apart, I did step back for the right image cause its a longer focal length. point is....invest in lenses spent hundreds on a dslr..another $60 could be the difference between a good pic and a great pic.