Into the wild.

This past weekend was the beginning of deer hunting season.  Malachi only had one thing on his mind, and that was getting him a buck. Well I wanted to go camping with the kids ( which did not involve hunting) so we came to a sweet, then hunt. When Malachi came home from work on Friday we loaded to kids in the car and with our pop up, headed to Cane creek. Less than 24 hours later, we were back home. Come Sunday, 5am, Malachi was on his way to get him that buck. They were all hiding, so he will have to try again this week. We still have to get use to being good campers and prepare ahead of time....we forgot Uriah's pack n play to sleep in, so he slept in his stroller. We also forgot his shoes so he was pretty much confined to his stroller until my friend Jennica showed up with a pair of shoes. We also forgot the butter, knife, fire starter and a bunch of things..... I did bake like 3 dozen cookies so it wasn't that terrible ;)

Obed's first time in a takes a little getting used to :)