Buying gear.

 To anyone that is looking to buy new camera equipment this exciting season either for yourself or a lucky loved one, save yourself the heartache and buy reputable. Remember, ‘If its too good to be true, its probably a scam’. I know there are a few apps out there that you can price match/ find and see if you can get a better “deal”. Unfortunately they can’t filter out evil scammers.

My top 3 go to for ONLINE camera equipment ( I don’t get kickbacks for raving about them)::

- B&H Photo - free express shipping over $49…and tax free outside of New York State! Pretty sure everything you want is available here… I can safely say I have bought over $20k of gear from this place with no issues. I was happy to throw money at them for my goods.

- Adorama- Sometimes they have a better deal than B&H…but its rare ;). Same free rush ship and tax free outside of NY State.

- Amazon- Great inventory. I have found that they are not as competitive with pricing as  B&H or Adorama. We are talking a few dollars. They just put a distribution centre here in NC, so everything gets taxed. I love their overnight with prime for $4, but I can wait another day.

DO NOT under any circumstances take a chance with Abe’s Of Maine and 42nd Street Photo (YELP THEM PLEASE!!). They will take your money, laugh at your stupidity and never look back. I made that mistake 2 years ago when I found a Canon 5D mark 3 body on Abe’s of Maine for $300 “cheaper” than the 3 listed above. I was out $4000 for 2 months. Because I went through Paypal I was able to get a refund after a lot of going back and forth with their dispute center. I vowed never to stray from my happy places again. 

Happy shopping!!