The best camera......

Here is a sneak peek at one of my fave photo from today, using my 8 year old Rebel xt with the 18-55mm KIT lens ...*GASP*!
I really love this photo because we had been shooting in the yard for 10 minutes, when Malachi walked up behind me and the kids were just so excited to see him. This was their natural reaction to seeing him even though they had been hanging out with him all day watching the world cup. Maybe they were just excited to be getting out of taking anymore photos? I love the excitement and silliness on their faces!!
I am in the process of putting together a little "tutorial / something to consider", blog post for moms or anyone who cares, about how to photograph your kids, family or anything and anyone. I thought it only fair to use my (almost vintage) Rebel because I know thats what most people have that care to learn about photography. So dust off your Rebel or Nikon that you might have bought or received as a gift and get ready to turn that dial and take it off the green "auto" square .
Also, take comfort in the fact that the DSLR camera you have is probably better than the one I am using to demonstrate with! The post should go up this week...fingers crossed .