So, about 3 months ago (more like 6, I am sure) I decided to paint my whole house 1 color. Its VERY light grey. We never got round to putting all our photos back up on the wall, or the air conditioning vents up on the ceiling....and half our ceiling is not painted, and we never really made it up stairs to paint....Life happens!
I did manage to hang my paper wreath back up. Our sweet friends that come to visit always point out and mention how much they love my wreath. Its the only thing in my living room to talk about. Occasionally people will point out our 60 inch TV in the corner. One of these days we will get round to hanging our photos back up! 
Anyways, I saw the light stream in through our curtainless windows and asked Hannah to stand on a chair, in front of our 1 decorative item and look out the window.