Beza Threads Scarf Collection

I had the privilege to do product photography for an amazing organization called Beza Threads. Their online store and website reads:  

Beza Threads wants redemption for the 1.8 million children in sex slavery today. We help fund an Ethiopian nonprofit that rescues girls from forced prostitution by selling the scarves they’ve created during recovery. Every scarf sold is a night off the street for a child. Buy a scarf and spread the word.


I couldn't have done this without the help of my BEAUTIFUL and gorgeous friends that modeled them perfectly!!

These scarves are so so beautiful and  the colors are vibrant : ) Plus,  to be totally honest, I PROMISE these scarves look better in real life! Buy one for your self and every girl in your family !!

They are $20 each. When was the last time you bough something for $20 and felt (and looked) fabulous?



Lost Inquiries...

I am so so so sorry to everyone who has sent me an inquiry through my website: and did not get a response. My mailbox decided to mark alot of my inquiries spam and I do not know how long this has been going on. I opened my spam folder to find over 10 inquiries that never got my attention in the last month, clicked purge ( because english is my second language and I thought purge meant, put this in my inbox!) and lost it all. I learnt 2 lessons today: what purge meant and where my inquiries were going. I say all this to say, my spam setting is now non existant and that means inquiry happy, so please resend your inquiries. I really can't express how sorry I am except to show you photos of my kids and puppies..they make everything better :)