Adorbz of the year :)

While Lydia and I were taking photos for her upcoming blog posts, Uriah watched on patiently. When we were wrapping up, I thought it was a good time as any to update the world on how much cuter hehas gotten in the last 4 months. He also helped me plug my Lens mugs givaway, so make sure you vote, HERE. Close.....CloserEven closer...and ...ok maybe too close... he looks uncomfortable. It gets funnier the longer you look at the photo on the right :)


Back in July.

I love finding photos I took and forgot about sharing only to have them resurface and I get to relive the fun and emotions all over again!! That is exactly what happened when I found these photos I took of my kids back in the beginning of July.

These days it feels like Autumn might have skipped ( I can't believe we've had the heat on already!!) and winter is already here so it is weird to even remember what my 100 degree days even felt like.  I do know Uriah was only 2 weeks old at the time so I think I took these knowing I wouldn't get round to sharing them for a while.

So heres to summer, slip and slides :) oh, and misplaced memory cards!

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Georgia Aquarium. Puts others to shame!!

Personal opinion, of course, but still true ;) My kids and I along with their nana took a surprise visit to Georgia Aquarium this past Sunday and it has got to be one of the most amazing, awe inspiring visually stunning trip I have taken since probably birth..well Niagara Falls is pretty awesome, too.

It was a 5 hour trip each way , 7 if you include  stops to make sure my 3 month old was taken care of and fill up on caffeine and overpriced fuel.

If i had unlimited time I would have been more intentional about taking better photos. but I was too busy being blown away at amazingness!! i mean, WHALE SHARKS!! in real life!! Thank you nana for holding Judah up so he can touch all the fun creatures at the touch pond!!

For reals, EVERYONE should experience the georgia aquarium. I have been ruined for all others!! I can't wait to go again soon!!


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