Adorbz of the year :)

While Lydia and I were taking photos for her upcoming blog posts, Uriah watched on patiently. When we were wrapping up, I thought it was a good time as any to update the world on how much cuter hehas gotten in the last 4 months. He also helped me plug my Lens mugs givaway, so make sure you vote, HERE. Close.....CloserEven closer...and ...ok maybe too close... he looks uncomfortable. It gets funnier the longer you look at the photo on the right :)


For a moment, the world was mine.

I have been debating about upgrading to the 5D mark 3 in the last couple of weeks. I have pushed it aside for quite some time mainly because I bought a second 5D mk 2 body at the end of last year and because I think what I have does the job, nicely. Well after some research and what nots I have decided to reinvest in a 5d mk 3. BUT I kept getting a nagging feeling that it could wait and if I upgraded ANYTHING it should be my 70-200 2.8 IS USM, to the second generation. I wanted to take advantage of the Canon lens rebate and save $300 on one. SO I did just that. I NEVER in my photography journey ever thought I would give up my beautiful lens, but I just couldn't say no.

The lens came via UPS today and I was SHOCKED at the sheer size of the box , so I did what every mother does. put my 3 month old child next to it and take a photo, JUST kidding, about moms, it only is me that would come up with that.

I am selling my first gen, relenctantly but it has been my BFF and is responsible of 99 percent of the images in my portfolio. It was still neat to put them side by side and pretend i was AWESOME!...hahahah conversations I have in my head.

I took some test shots with my lens at a park this afternoon and although I am sad to see my 1st photography love go, I think the 2nd gen will fill in it shoes nicely!

I couldn't help myself!!

Not enough room for the both of us!

 My sweet little man!!

Took the new lens for a test drive at Beatty park in Weddington and shot at 100 iso between 250 and 320/sec..and its GORGEOUS !!