How long have you been photographing weddings?

7 wonderful years professionally. I attended the School of Photography (University Of The Nations) in Kona, HI in 2008.

Do you photograph all the weddings you book?

YES! I love people and photography. I shoot ALL the weddings I book and am named on the contract so there is no confusion. I have never missed a wedding that I have booked….even 10 days after a c-sections! I take your wedding day very seriously and would never send anyone in my place.That being said 3 of my collections include a 2nd shooter, Sean Lyon ( https://www.instagram.com/lyonpics/ )  to round out your coverage and give you lots of great photos!

When will I receive my wedding photos?

3 weeks from your wedding day. They will be on a gallery that you can share with family and friends. You will also receive a wooden box with 3 USB drives that you can decide to give to each set of parents or keep as back up. Here is what they box and drives look like:: beautyforashesphotography.com/usbdeliver

All your delivered images will be edited in Adobe Lightroom by me personally.

When is a good time to secure your for coverage?

ASAP! As soon as you have secured your venue. To be fair to everyone I do not hold a date or pencil people in. It is not uncommon to be in communication with 2 brides for the same wedding day in the same week. I accept bookings on a first come first serve basis and will only take a date off the calendar once I have received both the signed online contract and 50% retainer. 

Can I print my photos and share them on Facebook, Instagram etc??

YES!! There is nothing more I want than for you to share your photos with the world! Copyright does remain with the studio, but you will be given printing and sharing rights. If you want to feel extra awesome you can tag my business and tell the world who took your photos.

What is a bridal session?

Bridal sessions are very popular in the South. Basically its a day (not the wedding day) that the bride schedules her trial hair and make-up, days or weeks before the wedding. Some have opted to do it after the wedding for fun. Its just extra time in front of the camera and a great excuse to wear your dress more than once and get comfortable in it before the day. Some people also like to print a big canvas to display at the wedding. You can try different shoes, jewelry, veil anything at all!

Tell me about your photo booth.

Check out the photos and design of our booth at this link:


Some awesome galleries.








I have a Pinterest board of poses and ideas can I send it to you?

Of course! Please understand that you are hiring me to cover your day and the more time I spend recreating and posing images from Pinterest, the less time I have making photos of you two together. Understand that, the amazing images you see on Pinterest are usually the photographers best work out of the thousands they may have taken that year. That being said, I am in the business of making my clients happy, so if you see a great pose you can’t live without, PLEASE show me I would love to make it happen and add a touch of you both….But anything more than 2 or 3 restricts me as an artist to create images that are uniquely yours, that someone else will be pinning ;)

Can I print my images at Walmart/Target/CVS?

With your printing release, you are free to print anywhere your heart desires BUT those are terrible options for printing. They are not photo lab and do not calibrate their machines… They turn all my images blue. I highly recommend printing with MPIX.com and using their Pearl finish. They are the best lab with very competitive prices. You have invested SO much in your photography coverage, it's no effort to get your photos on MPIX and get great images!

Do you do family formal photos at weddings?

YES YES YES! your mom would kill me if I didn’t. Its a great time to document everyone in your family looking amazing on your wedding day that you haven’t seen in a long time. It takes about 2 minutes to setup a family shot so the more groupings we have, the more time you will need to give me. Minimum of 20 minutes.

I want to interview all the potential photographers before I book one, can we meet?

Due to my schedule of shooting & editing, I have found that phone and Skype meetings work really well for both parties. Especially late in the evenings. There is really not much I can tell you in person that can’t be communicated over email, phone and Skype so that you can make an informed decision. I can send you links to my delivered galleries online. I make sure to over share on my blog, Facebook and portfolio so clients know my style and are confident that my work is consistent and high quality. If you would still like to have a face to face meeting I am available after 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays in Sun Valley/Indian Trail, NC area.

You sound really busy, am I going to get all the attention I need?

I am available to my clients all day and night. I respond to all your calls and emails personally within 2 business hours. You will be communicating with me 100 percent. I include an engagement session with my top 3 collections because I want you to get to know me and feel confident that your wedding photos will be the same caliber and quality!
 I deliver my engagement 48 hours from shooting, Weddings 3 weeks from shooting. I understand this is the first time planning a wedding for most and I am available for questions!!


I look forward to hearing from you!